Jobs Available in the Finance Sector in India

Finance is talked about in small homes to large companies. Everyone needs money to take care of their families and to run the business effectively. Due to its various applications, many jobs can be found in this field.  Finance has five broad divisions, namely accountancy, banking, investment management, insurance, and Risk management. These sectors again have a wide range of tasks and will require skills at a college or graduate level. The main advantage of finance offers is that jobs are available in all the companies across the globe. Let us look at a few jobs you can find in the finance domain.

  1. Accountancy

Every business needs a professional to manage its finance and audit it. The expert will have to make sure that the numbers are balanced, manage the cash flow and keep their focus on the profits made and the losses. Schools and Colleges generally teach advisory, assurance, audit, and taxation. They also offer you to avail of specialization in the area of your choices such as corporate financing, corporate recovery, corporate treasury, financial accounting, forensic accounting, management accounting, and risk assessment.

If you have the above degrees you could work for accountancy firms that are providing client services or you could work for a non-finance company as an accountant. Working for an accountancy company, you will be providing advice and expertise for individual or business clients. Working for a non finance-based company you will be offering internal accountancy to your employer. You could start your career small by working for small businesses and gain expertise. Once you are experienced, the chance of  landing a better job is high.

  1. Investment Management

Investment management firms help their clients who have a lot of money to increase it even more through investments. They could be either individuals or an institution at large. The profits are made by combining other investments and by assessing the risk involved and the client’s financial goals. These firms are also known as asset or money management firms.

The investment management will include managing and investing the funds, research, maintaining support systems and also developing them. Jobs are available in different positions in investment management firms.

  1. Banking

Banking has two main sides- Retail and investment. It also includes corporate banking. Some banks may provide operations in only one area. Whereas some banks offer services in all the areas. You could work as a retail banker and these banks also provide jobs in sales, IT, marketing and customer service. In investment banks too various jobs are available at different levels of the process and according to the divisions of work. The various investment banking firms are Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan.

The jobs are also available in the insurance sector as underwriters and investors. You could also be an actuarial worker to assess the finances of the company. The insurance sector also has many other areas such as general insurance, life insurance, health insurance, etc.